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I’m so bad at having a simblr and a real life at the same time.

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A couple pics of the twins before they age up :)

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Well…at least he’s wearing a helmet.

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Sheila hung up the laundry to dry all by herself! In the rain. You’d think they wouldn’t do that, but whatever. I guess you could say she’s been a bit distracted.

This is the saddest part of every generation. :(

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It’s my birthday~

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Winnie just finished her first brilliant painting with a skill level of 6 at the ripe old age of…childhood. I can only assume she’s channeling her deepest woes and longings into art.

"Every kid at school has a tablet but me. Does anyone understand how hard that is?!”

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Sheila the drunken granny.

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"Thank you, human. The night has been agreeable."


"….Do you require cab fare?"

"NO! No. Thank you, no."

She didn’t even stick around to make friends! She just loved┬áprobed him and left him :<

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Yes, it definitely is. Well, that’s cool. I think.

Have a good time, Stone! Use protection!